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Solar Panel Experts You Can Trust


RRS Contracts Ltd installs, maintains, and upgrades Solar PV systems in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife, Inverness, West Lothian, and all other parts of Scotland.


We are well experienced and competitively priced. For all solar related enquiries, give our team a call on 0800 193 3066 or send us a message using the form below.


Our team of Solar PV experts look forward to hearing from you. Use the form below to send us your details and we'll be in touch ASAP to discuss your options and provide a FREE no-obligation quote.

We install and upgrade solar panels to help give you energy independence.

By using solar panels to produce your own free electricity you can begin to save money on electricity bills from Day 1.

You can also benefit from 20 years of tax-free income on the electricity that you generate and export to the grid, thanks to the government Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme.

Considering getting an electric car? With solar panels your electric car can be charged with 100% renewable energy.

We also offer the option of including a solar immersion controller, so you can benefit from free hot water.

You may also wish to store excess solar electricity with one of our solar battery storage options, allowing you to be even more energy independent and see further reductions on your energy bills.

If you already have a solar PV system installed you may wish to consider upgrading to a SolarEdge system which ensures every panel works to its maximum potential to gain you as much energy as you could possibly generate. Click here for more information.

Whatever your requirements, we will work closely with you to ensure the Solar Panel system we install is the best for you and your home, fitted to perfection and backed with our guarantee.

We have proudly installed hundreds of solar panels all over Scotland – please get in touch for references from previous customers.

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Book a free no-obligation solar survey.

Our team of solar experts will assess your property to see is suitable for solar panels and, after a no-obligation survey, they will advise on the best option for your roof. To arrange your free survey simply call 0800 193 3066 and we’ll book you in for a visit at a time convenient to you.

Our services include:

Why use RRS Contracts for solar?

  • Our team deliver a first class level of workmanship, and use only the best standard of products when installing a solar PV system, ensuring your system is made to last.
  • All solar PV systems that we install come with a 10 Year insurance-backed guarantee
  • We are members of the RECC Assurance Scheme
  • We always provide clear and understandable information on systems so you can make an informed decision
  • All solar panels we provide are MCS-approved, meaning they qualify for the government Feed-in-Tariff

We also supply and install leading brands in solar battery storage


Beautifully designed, safe and economical solar battery options for homes.


Solar battery options for homes with a solar PV system installed.


Provides an inverter and solar battery in one compact storage unit.


Provides an inverter and solar battery in one compact storage unit.

For more info call us on 0800 193 3066 or send us a message.

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The benefits of upgrading to SolarEdge:


By installing SolarEdge your panels will operate independently, unlike conventional string inverters which work in series by grouping panels, meaning all the panels in that particular series are restricted to operating as efficiently as the weakest panel in that series. With SolarEdge this problem is eliminated, enabling every panel to work to its maximum potential, therefore gaining you maximum energy from your panels.


An upgrade to SolarEdge will allow you to view your array and monitor what every single panel is producing anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. You can check to see if your system is producing energy to it’s maximum potential by analyzing the comprehensive statistics.


 Our SolarEdge Inverters come with a standard 12 Year Warranty  and an option to increase this to 20 years. Given that most other manufacturers offer warranties of around 5 - 10 Years this is exceptional and make this upgrade even better value for money.


You may wish to use a Tesla battery with your SolarEdge system to store more of the energy you produce. The good news is this will be possible as the SolarEdge system is battery ready.


A unique feature to SolarEdge inverters is the automatic DC Shutdown in reaction to high temperature or after grid disconnection. This reassures you that in the event of a power cut or a fire your solar system will safely shut itself down.

Speak to our experts about how a SolarEdge upgrade can benefit you.

Call us on 0800 193 3066 or send us an email.

Protect your solar panels with effective bird proofing

There are many ways in which pest birds can cause damage to solar panel systems, such as:

  • Fouling on the panels. Droppings covering 50% of a single panel can result in a 50% decrease in energy conversion of the whole solar PV system.
  • Nesting under panels. When temperatures drop pigeons may make a home for themselves in the space between the solar panels and the roof, causing damage to the fine connecting wires, impacting the performance of the system.
  • Damage to the aluminium solar frames. Bird fouling contains ammonia which causes rotting to aluminium frames.
  • Blocking downpipes and gutters. After making your solar panels their home, birds can block the nearby gutters and downpipes with their droppings and nesting material.

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Why choose RRS Contracts to birdproof your Solar Panels?

  • Our solar panel birdproofing systems are non-penetrating. The performance of the solar PV system will not be adversely affected and the warranty will also not be affected. We don't drill into the panels or use any adhesives. The polycarbonate clips we use will not scratch the suface of the panels. We use the best mesh on the market, tightly fitted to secure the perimeter of the panels so that birds can no longer enter and if they try to enter they won't get trapped.
  • The mesh we install is removable to allow the solar panels to be cleaned. The mesh system can be refitted by your maintenance team or we can re-fit it for you to our exacting standards.
  • We are a company you can trust. We are CHAS and Safe Contractor approved with many years of experience installing solar PV systems and birdproofing them.

Find out more by calling us on 0800 193 3066 or send us a message using the form below.