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A long lasting coating that will rejuvenate and enhance the exterior of your property.

Roughcasting is a coating in which gravel, small pebbles and other similar types of material are mixed with concrete or plaster and then applied to the exterior walls of a building. This provides a rough waterproof surface to prevent damage to the walls and improve the aesthetics of the property.

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Whether you have just purchased a new property or you have been living in your current house for many years, you may be considering adding rouchcasting to your exterior walls for some of the following reasons :

  • Wear & tear to the walls due to neglect
  • Black water stains from leaking gutters or rainwater
  • Damage to the property from harsh weather conditions
  • Cracks or holes in brickwork

Roughcast can cover up damaged brickwork or water stains on your outside walls while protecting them from future weather damage as any cracks will be filled in with a durable weather-proof finish.

RRS Contracts will ensure your roughcasting is applied properly so that it gives you full protection and keeps your home looking its best for many years to come.

We have a wide range of roughcast for you to choose from with all of our coatings serving the same purpose - to provide a long lasting protective layer that rejuvenates your exterior walls, thus adding significant value to your property.

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